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      BioLighter is an eco-friendly, odor-free method for igniting charcoal before grilling. This product is renewable, sustainable,fast, efficient, and 

           petroleum-free. Even though it is a “green” product, it is one of the few products that works better than its polluting alternative.

                   “BioLighter works faster, burns cleaner, and tastes better than our competition, period.”

  What’s wrong with traditional lighter fluid?

Traditional charcoal lighter fluids are toxic, smelly, slow to work, a health hazard and bad for the environment - not to mention they can make the food taste bad. (like the fuel) - Despite the 'odorless' claim.  Because traditional charcoal lighter fluids are made with petroleum distillates, they also increase our dependence on foreign oil.

Competitive Advantages

· BioLighter works 300% faster (30min for others, 10 for BioLighter)

· BioLighter imparts no petroleum tastes to food

· BioLighter is 100% natural, giving you a “food on food” experience

· Domestically and responsibly produced

· Lowest possible VOC emissions commercially available

Environmental Advantages

How much cleaner is BioLighter than traditional lighter fluid?

·     67% Less Total Unburned Hydrocarbons

·   48% Less Carbon Monoxide

·    47% Less Particulate Matter

·     100% Less Sulfates

·      80% Less PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)

·    90% Less nPAH (nitrated PAH’s)

·   50% Less Ozone potential of speculated HC

·  50% Lower VOCs

Vastly Different Solutions product, BioLighter charcoal lighter fluid, on the shelves now.  Find out where and like us on Facebook.  Listen to our radio advertisement!   
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